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Why Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture has become increasingly popular in the recent years. But since it is made from wood that is recovered from old wooden buildings scheduled for demolition, many people are wondering why they would choose furniture made from old wood instead of furniture made from newly cut wood.

Reclaimed Wood

Unique aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons why more and more people are deciding for reclaimed wood furniture. It has a distinct aged look which is impossible to create with newly cut wood. The manufacturers of reclaimed wood furniture often intentionally leave minor imperfections and features which reveal its age which gives this type of furniture an additional appeal. However, reclaimed wood furniture does not necessarily have to have a rustic look. It is available in all possible styles and designs including contemporary which looks just like furniture made of newly cut wood.

The fact that all pieces of reclaimed wood furniture have a history which can often be tracked down is another reason for its raising popularity. As already mentioned earlier, reclaimed wood comes from old wooden structures some of which can be older than 100 years. This gives reclaimed wood furniture the quality and appeal of antique and vintage furniture with the difference that it was originally used for other purposes.

Although some people are having second thoughts about buying reclaimed wood furniture due to its age, reclaimed wood is not any less durable and sturdy than newly cut wood. On the contrary, reclaimed wood furniture can easily be passed to the next generations, while the fact that it was already exposed to changes in temperature and humidity levels makes it even more sturdy and stable than newly cut wood which has not went through the process of expanding and contracting yet.

In the end, reclaimed wood furniture has become increasingly popular choice for its environmental benefits. Forests are disappearing at an alarming rate which has a devastating effect on the environment both locally and globally. Forests provide a shelter and source of food to a number of wildlife species, help reduce soil erosion, cool the air, increase the amount of rainfall and lastly, absorb carbon dioxide and release pure oxygen. If we want to reverse climate change, we can no longer afford continuation of deforestation and unsustainable forest management.

Since wooden furniture does not really have an alternative in the true meaning of the word, reclaimed wood furniture is indeed the greenest choice possible. Not a single tree is cut down to make reclaimed wood furniture, while the reclamation of wood from structures that are scheduled for demolition helps reduce the pressure on the landfills. Reclaimed wood furniture is typically slightly more expensive than furniture made from newly cut wood, however, it enables home owners to enjoy the beauty and quality of wooden furniture and preserve nature at the same time. And nature preservation is priceless.